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The Pioneer Group Safeguarding


The Pioneer Group is committed to protect the health, well-being and human rights of people in order to live free from abuse, harm and neglect. To support this, we adopt a considered approach to respond effectively when concerns are brought to our attention.

We take safeguarding very seriously and have clear policies & procedures in place to ensure the people that we support are protected from harm. We work together in partnership with statutory services across the city to ensure a coordinated and outcome-led approach.

Please help us to keep everyone safe by immediately reporting any concerns you may have that someone is being abused or harmed, or may be at risk of abuse or harm.

Types of abuse may include:


  • Physical abuse:
    including hitting, kicking, slapping, pushing, shaking, biting, throwing, poisoning, burning/scolding, suffocating, misuse of medication, restraint or inappropriate sanctions.
  • Psychological or emotional abuse:
    including verbal abuse such as shouting or swearing, conveying someone is worthless or inadequate; manipulating the truth to make an individual question their actions and perceptions of reality; causing an individual to feel fear, rejection or isolation.
  • Self-neglect:
    when a person fails to attend to their own personal and basic needs resulting in a serious risk to their well-being. This can include issues with personal hygiene, neglecting to manage a medical condition, not eating properly or hoarding.
  • Domestic violence:
    any incident of controlling, threatening or coercive behaviour, abuse or violence. This can include emotional abuse, physical or sexual abuse, financial abuse, harassment or stalking, or online abuse.
  • Discriminatory abuse:
    undergoing any form of abuse based on a persons disability, race, gender, age, religion, cultural background, sexual orientation, political convictions, or appearance.
  • Neglect or acts of omission:
    when there is a failure to provide adequate care and support needed by an individual. This can include not meeting nutritional needs, denying privacy, restricting social contact or not allowing decision making.
  • Modern slavery:
    e exploitation of an individual for personal or commercial gain. This could include human trafficking, forced labour or sexual exploitation.
  • Sexual abuse:
    unwanted touching, kissing, sexual assault or sexual acts to which a person has not or could not consent to, or was pressured into consenting to.
  • Organisational abuse:
    the mistreatment of people in an organisation or institution whereby there is inadequate care and support. This can include inappropriate use of power or control, lack of choice and ignoring complaints.
  • Financial or material abuse:
    theft or fraud in relation to money or property, taken without consent or under pressure. This can include using credit cards without permission, putting contractual obligations in the victim’s name, or denying someone access to benefits or their funds.

Reporting a safeguarding concern

We are committed to protecting people’s health, well-being and human rights, and therefore take any safeguarding concerns seriously.
If you are concerned for the welfare of any child, young person or adult, please report this immediately to our team:

  • 0121 748 8100
  • The Pioneer Group, 11 High Street, Castle Vale, B35 7PR

You can also report any Birmingham-based safeguarding concerns to Birmingham City Council and/or Birmingham Children’s Trust. Click the below links to report a concern:

For more information, you can view our safeguarding policies by following the below links:

Safeguarding Adults Policy           Safeguarding Children Policy