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Our story starts in 2015 when Castle Vale Community Housing Association and Compass Support formed The Pioneer Group, with Stockland Green Opportunity Housing and Training coming on board only a few months later.

Castle Vale Community Housing and Compass Support (formally Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services) had enjoyed over a decade of success, based on their passion for the Castle Vale neighbourhood and everyone in it. Known as the model for sustainable regeneration, Castle Vale went from strength to strength as they delivered first-class housing services and work with partners to ensure it was clean, safe and welcoming and provided better access to health, education and employment.

While they were extremely proud of this work, Castle Vale Community Housing and Compass Support were becoming increasingly aware of how important it was to respond to rapidly changing social and economic needs not only in Castle Vale, but throughout the UK.

In addition, they knew they had the financial capacity and expertise in the community regeneration to unlock potential in other areas and so decided to change the way they worked to produce even better outcomes in Birmingham and further afield.

To open up our services in other areas, a name change was called for and Pioneer Group was established in 2015.

It was only a few months later when Stockland Green Opportunity Housing and Training asked to join the Group, as it was looking for a partner that shared its values and could support it in delivering high quality, innovative housing and training solutions it its community. If you want to find out more about our Group members and partners click here.

At the Pioneer Group, we are extremely proud of the work we have done and are still doing in Castle Vale, Stockland Green and Falcon Lodge. We know we have financial capacity and expertise in community-led regeneration and have demonstrated our ability to unlock potential in areas beyond Castle Vale.

As a charity, we are happy to provide free support to neighbouring community and third sector groups if we are invited to do so. We have supported the south-central Birmingham Balsall Heath Forum to become financially self-sustaining through community-led housing development and are active at a city-level in the promotion of community-led approaches to sustainable neighbourhood regeneration.

There is of course a limit to our ability to provide pro bono support. Nevertheless, we are happy to discuss issues or problems without commitment. We are also able to work with interested organisations to identify possible sources of funding for our input. You can Contact us here.