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A new direction for Falcon Lodge to deliver a connected community

A bold new vision for Falcon Lodge seeks to deliver a happy, healthy and connected community.

Fifty residents, partners and local stakeholders attended the recent consultation event, on Tuesday 9th October, to confirm Falcon Lodge’s new community plan to develop a vibrant local economy and pleasant neighbourhood to live, work, learn and prosper.

The following steps include two final consultation sessions and an estate walkabout with partners and residents. The plan will then be finalised and ready to shape activity projects that can make a difference in Falcon Lodge.

Simon Ward, Leader of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council, said:

“The plan is a really important development for Falcon Lodge and our Royal Town. We are delighted to pilot community planning in such a key part of the town.

We see community planning at the heart of our Vision for involving communities across Sutton Coldfield. Our approach is to enable genuine grass roots involvement through community planning to make our town and its places great to live and prosper.”

In order to progress, a resident-led community forum for Falcon Lodge will be set up with the support and guidance from partners and the town council. For the remainder of the year, the collective will meet as a shadow board with the forum being launched in April 2019.

Lisa Martinali, Director of Community regeneration at Compass Support (part of The Pioneer Group) said:

“I am pleased to commit to chairing the Shadow Community Board over the next few months and to begin to put the plan into practice. We are now putting dates together to start the meetings and to identify the resident and community reps together with partners. To make this happen we will have a dedicated Community Coordinator based at Falcon Lodge with the task of implementing the plan.”

A number of new ideas were generated at the consultation which will be incorporated in the community’s final plan. These included developments on youth interventions, inter-generational activities, environmental progression and communication improvement between residents services providers.

Councillor Charlotte Hodivala said:

It is a privilege to serve as the single ward councillor for Reddicap and, unlike other wards, I am able to work with two great town councillors and look forward to developing this partnership over the next four years. Falcon Lodge makes up around two thirds of the ward so a successful Falcon Lodge will help us deliver a successful Reddicap and, in turn, a successful Sutton Coldfield.”