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Getting to know Marketing Trainee: Christine Kitaka

As part of our “Getting to Know” series today, we find out more about Christine Kitaka. The Marketing and Communications department has gotten a boost with new Trainee. Having carried out her work experience with The Pioneer Group in the previous year, Christine applied for the role after enjoying her time within the organisation. She has been working alongside the Marketing and Communications Manager to support the organisation’s communications with tenants and stakeholders.

What does a typical day at work look like for you and your team?

I’m quite new to my role so I’m just starting out on my marketing journey at the moment. Not only this, but I joined the team during the COVID lockdown, so I would say my version of a ‘typical day’ may differ from what it would have looked like if we weren’t in a pandemic.

But every day is still different because marketing is always full of different projects. As part of a routine, the first thing I do each morning is to our check social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter); this is important to keep up to date with current events and to make sure we answer questions or queries. Next, I check in with my Marketing & Communications Manager to go through our daily tasks and find out what new projects we have to start.

Using digital software is also a regular, and large part, of my job as I am constantly creating marketing material for external and internal customers. Additionally, we are always working on company articles, so proofing and uploading news stories is a task I do often to keep residents, employees and partners up to date on what is going on.

How does your team help the communities that we work in?

Our work helps communication flow throughout the communities that we work in. Whether it’s between employees, residents, local organisations or our partners – it’s so important that we tell our story and share our updates with those around us. We are working hard to put more information on our websites to help residents access our services; we share regular updates on our social media to inform the community of local news; we link up members of the community with local opportunities; we promote our local organisations to share their services; and much, much more.

What are some personal values that are important to you?

Faith, kindness and loyalty. My faith is the most important value to me it gives me direction in how I should live my life and in turn helps me fulfil my other core values. I have an inward relationship with God which has outward influences such as treating everyone with kindness, compassion and always seeking to forgive.

What motivates you to be your best self?

Helping others and making a difference.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I have always had a passion for art and design. When I was younger my dream was to become an artist. My art would be displayed all over the house and it was one of the major ways I would communicate how I am feeling. I would be drawing constantly, but as I grew older, I was more interested in expressing my creativity digitally (such as through Photoshop and Canva).

What is your favourite memory of being involved in your community?

Within The Pioneer Group, my favourite memory of being involved in the community so far has been the Christmas appeal. 2020 was the toughest of years for many families but we still wanted them to experience the magic of Christmas. We took donations of toys and gifts to help those who might not otherwise have been able to put presents under the Christmas tree. It was overwhelming and heart-warming to see how generous people were in coming together to help support the community.

Outside The Pioneer Group, another exciting memory I had was being involved with our youth podcast where we would have an open discussion centred around worldly issues that affect us as Christian youth in these times, using the gospel as our foundation. Topics would range from society, history, theology, culture all from a Christian lens. I loved doing this as it was by the youth, for the youth which is a voice/point of view I didn’t have much growing up in the church.

What approach do you take to look after your mental wellbeing?

Taking breaks and making sure I am trying my best to be healthy physically and mentally. I enjoy taking walks and exercising as it helps me clear my head and re-energise. I feel that communicating with others to voice how you are feeling is also incredibly important.

What is one item on your bucket list?

The main item is to go travelling. A few years ago I journeyed abroad alone and had an amazing time; ever since then, I have always had a passion for seeing new places and immersing myself in new cultures.

Who is an inspirational individual you look up to?

An inspirational individual I look up to would be my mum as she is so hardworking, kind and generous – always putting other people first. I trust her advice and she always gives me a positive perspective on life.

How do you relax outside of work?

Spending time with family. I have two younger brothers who are my best friends and always have me in tears laughing. Art is also a key one as I love practising with different media such as watercolours, oil paints, chalks and many more. Music has a massive influence over me and is a great way to relax outside of work. Songs have the power to change your mood and finding new songs you are obsessed with is the best feeling.

What do you enjoy about being part of The Pioneer Group?

I love being part of the strong community spirit everyone has in supporting each other, especially during COVID-19, in keeping people safe and well looked after. My amazing colleagues are another massive reason I love being part of The Pioneer Group. It is inspiring to see how driven they are to uphold the group’s core values and are eager to help me learn and grow within my role.