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The Pioneer Group pledges to work Together with Tenants

The Pioneer Group has signed up as an early adopter of the new national Together with Tenants initiative.

As part of the Matrix Housing Partnership, The Pioneer Group helped support the initiative in the Midlands by participating in an event at Millennium Point involving residents from all over the region to make their voices heard.

The National Federation of Housing launched the Together with Tenants initiative to housing associations across the UK, and over the summer The Pioneer Group, residents, tenants, and community organisations will be developing a Resident Inclusion Strategy which will support the principles of the Together with Tenants initiative.

The national aim of Together with Tenants is to build a collaborative, balanced relationship between housing associations and their tenants & residents.

The Resident Inclusion Strategy will help deliver a plan that involves clearly setting out what tenants can expect from The Pioneer Group. It also seeks to give residents a strong role in scrutinising their landlord in the future.

By being an early adopter, The Pioneer Group will play a key part in developing and testing the proposals, and feeding back to the National Housing Federation by sharing experiences and findings.

The Resident Inclusion Strategy will outline the ways in which The Pioneer Group engages and communicates with residents, and continues to strengthen residents’ voices. It will then be input into the national initiative, and rolled out as best practice across the country.

Kate Foley, Housing & Customer Services Director, leads the team managing Together with Tenants for Castle Vale and said:

We welcome this initiative as a fantastic opportunity to build on existing activities we have in place to build a stronger relationship with our tenants and be the best housing association possible.

We are hoping to learn from other housing associations and ensure that The Pioneer Group is using the best approach.

We are also strongly committed to working with tenants, and ensuring that they are in the driving seat in terms of the approach we take towards housing management.

To find out more about Together with Tenants, please visit: