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West Midlands Police vigilant as ‘Mischief Week’ arrives

This week marks the first day of what the West Midlands Police call ‘Mischief Week’. Despite the name, it’s a period of just over two weeks which runs from Tuesday 22nd October until Monday 5th November.

The run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night can often come with a spike in anti-social behaviour, however this has been anticipated this and a vigilant campaign to help combat public offence issues has been put in place.

Committed to the cause, West Midlands Police will be seen out on patrol a lot more in the coming weeks either on foot or in a vehicle. The team will also be visiting premises that sell fireworks, holding educations talks in schools, patrolling at school finishing times and safeguarding firework displays.


What can I do to help?

If you notice something in progress that causes you concern, such as a bonfire being built or children with fireworks, you can log these sightings at WMNow.

WMNow also sends registered recipients messages of information, crime alerts and witness appeals local to you as well as keeping those up to date about positive police action in your community.

Alternatively you can log the incident with CVCH’s CCTV Control Room on 0121 776 8880 or contact the Customer 1st team on 0121 748 8100 or