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The Pioneer Group Our Mission, Values and Goals

Making Lives and Communities Better

As an anchor organisation use our Group strength to provide great homes and help build resilient communities where people can thrive.


  • Consistently do our best for our tenants and residents
  • Listen to what matters most to our tenants and communities and act on what we hear
  • Be ambitious for ourselves and for the people in our communities


  • Take organisational and personal responsibility
  • Be helpful and kind
  • Embrace and celebrate diversity


  • Invest in colleagues and people to be the best they can be
  • Build trust by being humble and honest
  • Create confidence and capacity in our communities


  • Find the best most inclusive way to make things better
  • Make the most of our resources to make positive impact and think carefully about every penny we spend
  • Work smart/hard and enjoy what we do


  • By 2025 we will; Deliver excellent landlord and asset management services
    evidenced by being upper quartile for resident satisfaction
  • Continue to significantly invest in our existing homes
  • Build 250 homes by 2025
  • Support economic and financial resilience in our communities, including through driving down the number of customers trapped by fuel poverty, by delivering more efficient and affordable energy solutions across our stock
  • Ensure we embed a culture of Health and Safety across our activities to continue to ensure that our assets and wider environment remain safe and secure for all


  • By 2025 we will; Support creation of vibrant, clean and green spaces in the places we work
  • Deliver a service offer to support young people, adults, families and communities to improve the quality of life and well-being for more service-users, increasing engagement by 15%
  • Retain our current level of investment with the Castle Vale Pledge, having invested at least £2.5m over five years. Maximise social value activities to benefit our core neighbourhoods
  • Continue to enable and support effective partnership working to support community regeneration
  • Strengthen the tenant and community ‘voice’ in the places we work.


  • By 2025 we will; Be an employer of choice.
  • Remain financially strong.
  • Maintain an effective governance structure, complying with all regulatory standards and retain our G1 rating.
  • Have great processes, better enabled technology to deliver great services.
  • Ensure a high profile for the work of The Pioneer Group across the sector, city, region and country.

Corporate Plan 2020-2025

The plan outlines how The Pioneer Group will remain focussed on housing, people and communities and deliver its new vision of “Making Lives and Communities Better” in its core neighbourhoods.

During the development of the plan, The Pioneer Group held a number of consultation events across Castle Vale, Stockland Green and Falcon Lodge to incorporate feedback from all parts of the community.

As part of the plan, three strategic aims will be delivered to provide quality homes and help build resilient communities where people can thrive:

Great, safe homes – ensuring homes are affordable, well-maintained and energy efficient;

Strong, vibrant communities – supporting communities to ensure residents can benefit from their full potential;

Business excellence – delivering all aims to a high standard through innovation and partnerships.