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The Pioneer Group Housing Need in Stockland Green

We are pleased to publish the draft housing needs assessment produced for Stockland Green by Neil Morland Associates. This work was commissioned by the Pioneer Group and three other agencies – Birmingham City Council, New Roots and Spring Housing.

The report examines three key questions:

1. What are the housing needs of the Stockland Green population?
2. What is the current housing market of Stockland Green?
3. What support issues are raised by the socio-economic profile of Stockland Green?

The report will help inform a local action plan that addresses how housing needs can be better met in the future, how the housing market with its current imbalance towards supported housing be stabilised and how the needs of residents in terms of housing support and wider community development be realised.

The research findings are now set though some additional statistics relating to numbers of houses in the exempt sector and overall Houses in Multiple Occupation will be added.

The report makes some outline policy recommendations which are a guide for discussion with senior policy makers and stakeholders together with the local community. The aim is to inform the development of an action plan from January 2021.

For the full Housing Need in Stockland Green Report, click below: