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All Things Windows and Doors!

We appointed Nationwide Windows and Doors to deliver our Windows and Doors Programme.

As we are committed to creating safer and more secure homes for our tenants, the project will deliver a multimillion-pound upgrade to more than 2,000 properties.

With over 300 property surveys completed so far, Nationwide are due to start fitting the windows and doors from 8th July onwards.

Although there has been a delay in the programme due to planning restrictions, we have received approval for the programme to progress.

Dave Livesey, our Asset Management Director, said: “We have been listening carefully to what our tenants’ main concerns are.

“The Cost-of-living crisis and cost of energy are at the heart of these issues.

“In response to this, with help from our Resident Scrutiny Panel, we appointed a nationally recognised contractor to carry out these replacement works.

“The Windows and Doors Programme represents the largest single investment we have made in the stock in the last 20 years.”

Leonie Hammond, our Contracts Manager, added: “It’s fantastic news that Nationwide Windows and Doors will soon be even more visible across the estate, as we begin to install the new windows and doors.

“We thank our tenants for their patience and cooperation with the project so far.”

If you have any questions or concerns about the Windows and Doors Programme, please contact Nationwide’s Resident Liaison Officer, Dominie, on 07386684874.