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Compass Support launches 3-year Corporate Plan

Compass Support, the charitable subsidiary of The Pioneer Group, is launching its Corporate Plan today on the International Day of Charity.

The plan outlines its strategic aims and objectives from 2021-2024 and is based on its core vision to “Make Lives and Communities Better”. The latest Corporate Plan details Compass Support’s continued commitment to creating strong, vibrant communities through its delivery of high quality support and community services within north Birmingham.

The opportunities Compass Support provide aligns with its community plans to improve education, employment and skills, community safety, and health & well-being in key neighbourhoods. Services include youth mentoring support, career services for adults, delivery of social prescription programmes, support to families and those wishing to live independently – alongside hosting a range of activities within their community hubs at Falcon Lodge and Castle Vale.

Compass Support also provide the right tools for people to engage and develop their skills through volunteering, supporting their own activities and be-friending others.

The plan underpins on three key objectives:

  • Supporting People
  • Partnerships
  • Community Voice

Compass Support’s 2015-2020 plan focused upon strengthening its offer and increasing its reach. Over the last five years Compass Support has had nearly 13,500 engagements with, on average, over 85% achieving a positive outcome.

Lisa Martinali, Community Regeneration Director for Compass Support, commented;

We are aware that there continues to be a growing demand for our service provision, and some major challenges since the onset of coronavirus lockdowns. In response to this, we have re-worked our Corporate Plan to ensure we make the biggest impact to our residents and that our services are reflective of the changes happening in the communities we support.

Our new, ambitious plan builds on our past successes while reviewing our position, informed by the community voice and hard data to ensure we continue to meet local needs. Our commitment to our key communities remains strong and is complemented by a wider service offering delivered in north and east Birmingham.

To read the latest copy of Compass Support’s Corporate Plan, click here.