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The Endowment Trust supporting Castle Vale

The charity that’s been shaping Castle Vale’s community for over 20 years

The Castle Vale Endowment Trust is an independent charity originally set up by the Housing Action Trust to provide a living legacy within community regeneration.

Established in 2005, The Trust has actively contributed to the shaping of Castle Vale since its physical transformation.

Initially starting with an endowment of £8m with an expectation of running for a ten year period The Trust has, through careful investment and management of the fund, stretched this to 12 years. The Trust has delivered ongoing investment in Castle Vale in line with its charitable objectives. These purposes were to benefit people living, working or attending educational establishments in Castle Vale and its environs by;

  • Providing relief from financial hardship and social and/or economic disadvantage
  • Advancing education, training or retraining
  • Promoting public safety and the prevention of crime
  • Providing, maintaining or improving public amenities
  • Relieving unemployment, including assistance to find employment
  • Advancing health education particularly amongst young people
  • Protecting or conserving the environment

Simon Wilson, Chief Executive of The Pioneer Group summarised the works of the charity as:

“Being an invaluable resource to Castle Vale that has made a difference to the lives of the residents. A legacy has been left as many funded projects such as the Family Support service have been carried on through other financial streams”

From the launch of the first annual funding programme in 2005, The Trustees have worked hard to see the funds support services at the heart of Castle Vale.

The projects have ranged from small one-off community plans, to key neighbourhood services including The Tyburn Mail, a local bus service, a youth service, careers advice, family support, environmental improvements and investment in local amenities.

Richard Jaffa, Chair of the Endowment Trust Fund, said:

I would like to thank the work and commitment of ETF’s trustees who have travelled far and wide to support ETF’s mission in Castle Vale and the investments have contributed to sustaining the improvements and momentum created by the Housing Action Trust. We are proudly leaving a legacy through a Neighbourhood Fundraiser project which will seek to continue the remit of ETF in line with our original objects for at least another three years, and hopefully, five years. This has already, in its first months, raised £200,000 investment and we hope to see an investment of half a million over the next three years