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Policy Extends Support to Our Employees

Updated policy invests in staff

The Pioneer Group has made the decision to update the Family Friendly Policy currently in place for employees, to further ensure that staff feel supported through all life changes, whether these be joyous occasions or unfortunate tough times.

The Family Friendly Policy aims to provide more support for employees regarding compassionate leave, maternity, paternity and adoption leave. Life event leave has too, been added.

Compassionate leave has been extended from five days for only immediate family to ten, as well as the definition of immediate family being widened, in recognition of family structures changing and varying for each employee.

After three years of service, Maternity leave has increased to twenty-six weeks full pay, thirteen weeks half pay and a further thirteen weeks can be taken unpaid.

After three years of service, Paternity leave has increased to four weeks full pay.

Adoption leave has changed from statuary to mirror Maternity or Paternity.

One day can be taken as Life Event leave for events such as moving house, graduation ceremonies, IVF and so forth.

An unpaid career break has increased from six months to one year.

Finally, employees can now buy an additional five days annual leave on top of their original twenty-nine days.

Chief Executive, Simon, said: “I am really pleased we have extended and enhanced a range of family friendly benefits for our colleagues.

“Like many of our tenants, our staff have lived through a tough few years with the Coronavirus pandemic, shift to agile working and now the cost of living crisis.

“I am proud we are able to continue to find ways to improve the (work) terms and conditions of our employees and have listened to their feedback in shaping this new approach.

“Investing in and retaining our people helps us deliver the best possible service to our customers.”