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Random Acts of Kindness in Castle Vale

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021 kicks off on 14 February, and we will be celebrating our volunteers and encouraging friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to do a good deed, whether that’s knocking on a neighbour’s door for a chat, phoning a friend you haven’t in a while or joining the volunteering team to give something back to the community.

Leonie Hammond, Health and Wellbeing Project Coordinator at Compass Support, the charitable subsidiary of The Pioneer Group, explained how proud she is of the Castle Vale community and the kindness shown over the past year:

“Since March 2020, we have seen neighbours come together and communities helping each other more. We even had socially distanced street parties celebrating all occasions! However, those living alone during these times, could all do with a bit more kindness in their lives, and through our Wellbeing Activity packs, we’ve seen that even the smallest act of kindness can change a life. Our volunteers have surpassed all my expectations by giving their time so generously through a number of activities including the Telebuddy Service and becoming Community Organisers. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver our services without them.”

“At Compass Support, by April 2021 we will have made and delivered 5,412 activity packs, and without the kindness of our volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to deliver and reach some of the most isolated people in our community.

“When we first started the packs in May 2020, we had seven volunteers delivering 60 packs a week, and now there are over 20 volunteers delivering over 150 packs a week.”

For some Castle Vale residents, the weekly drop off may be one of the few contacts they have.

Feedback comes back to the Health and Wellbeing team at Compass Support on a daily basis and Leonie said:

“It’s really heart-warming to read and hear all the feedback, especially when it’s gratitude towards the volunteers. We have one resident who calls the volunteer that drops off her packs ‘Santa’, as she feels like he brings her a gift every week; and  we have a seven-year-old who accompanies her mum on her rounds and decided to buy one of the recipients a bunch of daffodils (just because).”

Recipients of the Wellbeing Packs have also decided to give some kindness back. One lady has now become a volunteer as she enjoys the socially distanced chats on the doorstep and the difference she is making.

For ideas on how to be kind this week, or even just on Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February, take a look at these suggestions: 

To find out more about volunteering, get in touch with Leonie:

Leonie 0794 307 9496