We are sorry to hear that you want to make complaint. We understand that sometimes things do go wrong and we want to make it easy to sort things out. We have a simple complaints procedure which aims to put things right quickly.

We try to sort out problems informally as we find that is the quickest way to put things right and we don’t want to keep you waiting. If this is something we haven’t been made aware of before you might find it quicker to deal with the issue as a request for service. Click here to go to the form and we will process this for you straight away.

There are some things we can’t process through the complaint procedure such as:

  • Matters where legal proceedings have started or a court, tribunal or other legal body has made a decision;
  • Complaints that are not about our service – for example fly-tipping on council land
  • A service request – such as reporting a repair. However, you can though complain about how a repair or a case of anti-social behaviour was handled;
  • Anti-social behaviour (by a neighbour or community member) –  This is processed through our anti-social behaviour policy. However, you can though complain about how a case of anti-social behaviour was handled;
  • Incidents or occurrences that happened over 12 months ago;
  • Complaints that have already gone through our complaints procedure and that have been provided with a final response.

If you have one of these issues and remain dissatisfied, get in touch with our team where we can explain in more detail.

If you do want to continue to raise a complaint, our complaints process is summarised below.


We aim to acknowledge your complaint quickly and normally within one working day. At busy times though we will always acknowledge your complaint within five working days.


Stage 1

This is where we expect most complaints to be resolved. Our aim is to resolve things quickly and to your satisfaction. We will check that we understand your complaint fully and try to resolve it. We try to put things right straight away, but if we need to investigate we will usually aim to reply within 10 working days. If is it more complicated and we need more time we will tell you when you can expect a reply and keep you informed on what is happening.

We need you to work with us if we have further questions or need to clarify something, or we might not have enough information to investigate properly. If this is the case we will tell you this and tell you what we need. If you don’t provide this we may have to close your complaint without a resolution.


Stage 2

If you are still unhappy after receiving our response you should tell us why and we will ask a senior officer to have another look at it. These are often more complicated issues and we aim to respond as quickly as we can, but normally within 20 working days. If we need more time, we will tell you and keep you informed, telling you when we aim to respond by.


Stage 3

If you remain unhappy, you will have the opportunity to present your complaint to a complaints panel. This will often be made up of fellow residents, such as board members, some of whom are also residents. A Pioneer Director will also be on the panel, although they will not lead it. As a community led organisation we think this is important as it gives you the opportunity for your issue to be reviewed by people who are not staff. We will convene the panel as quickly as possible and normally within 20 working days. We will keep you informed.

If you provide new information during a complaint which will affect our investigation, we will not normally escalate it to the next stage of our complaints process, but will keep it at the same stage. This is because it is our aim to resolve issues, rather than rush you through a process. If you raise new issues whilst we are investigating a complaint, we will normally start a new complaint for the new issue to make sure it is dealt with properly.


The Housing Ombudsman

You can contact the housing ombudsman service at any time, but they will only normally consider your complaint when you have exhausted all of our complaint procedure. They then ask you to raise your complaint with a designated person such as an MP our Councillor. If you don’t want to do this they will usually consider your case eight weeks after our final response.

They can sometimes provide support to you through the complaints process. More information on the service can be found here.

Call us on 0121 748 8100

Email us at contactus@pioneergroup.org.uk

Write to us at 11 High Street, Castle Vale, Birmingham B35 7PR

Talk directly to your Neighbourhood Officer

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